• Doodles NFT Series Reaches Bottom Price of 6.6 ETH for the First Time Ever

  • The price of the Doodles NFT series is continuing to rise. Now, as 2021 comes to a close, the floor price is 6.6 ETH. a remarkable few months for the relatively new NFT project. Realistically speaking, the rise of Doodles is not unexpected.

    Doodles first appeared in September, teasing their upcoming series of images. Immediately thereafter, it gained traction. The artwork by artist Burnt Toast is so unique that people are eager to learn more.

    As a result, Doodles had to lock down their Discord to prevent a gas war at the NFT Mint.

    The public minting event took place on October 18 at a price of 0.123 ETH per Doodle NFT. however, it didn’t last long due to the rush to buy one of the 10,000 NFTs.

    Doodles NFT sold out immediately. In fact, with gasoline the price was well over $9,000. Doodles is one of the most sought-after mints of the year. In addition, Doodles has been a huge success on the secondary market. Many Doodles have sold for huge amounts of money. In the past three days alone, several sales in excess of $250,000 have occurred.

    In addition to having a unique art style, Doodles NFT is largely community based

    It will be interesting to watch the project evolve as the base price grows. In the meantime, there is an extensive roadmap.

    Finally, to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the upcoming NFT series, check out our awesome NFT calendar. We’re constantly updating it, and you’ll find some hidden treasures. Who knows, one of them could be the next Doodles.

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