• Doodles NFT Announce Their VIP Event In Austin, Texas

  • The Doodles NFT collection is back with the Doodles VIP event in Austin, Texas. Excitedly, the IRL event is part of SXSW 2022. The team will soon announce the RSVP details. This is to note, that the event will happen from March 12 till March 14th.

    For the uninitiated, SXSW stands for South by Southwest and is the world’s premier event showcasing music, film and interactive media. From March 11–20, 2022, the internationally-recognized event is going online with live panels, special events, virtual cinema and much more.

    What to expect from Doodles’ VIP event at SXSW?

    In an interactive teaser, the NFT team shared a few hints on what might happen. To begin, all doodles holders will receive a VIP check-in to the event. Additionally, holders will get access to all exclusive live streams of the IRL event.

    Interestingly, the Doodles VIP event will conduct secret musical performances just like a concert for its community. Intriguingly, the event will even have what they refer to as “talking doodles”, hinting at an AI smart bot that’ll respond according to different questions. This certainly embarks great curiosity among the members.

    Furthermore, the event will have an exclusive gift shop for members to buy merchandise featuring the collection.

    Just a few days back, Doodles announced their merch shop. Items including shirts, hoodies, sticker packs, tote bags and mascot figures are up for grabs! Consistent with the collection’s branding, all the items are fun, quirky and eye-catching. They are also releasing a companion NFT: Space Doodles, which will be available to all holders for free.

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