• Dour Darcels NFT: 5 Reasons Why It Might Be The Next Blue-Chip Project

  • Dour Darcels are making major waves in the NFT space. The new 10K NFT project features a cycloptic egg character with a 14-year history. Now, that character is getting ready to take over NFTs. Let’s look into Dour Darcels and discuss the factors that could see it becoming the next blue-chip NFT.

    Why Dour Darcels could turn into a blue-chip NFT
    1. The team behind Dour Darcels is top-tier

    Firstly, the main force behind Dour Darcels is artist and founder Craig Redman aka Darcel (@dourdarcel on Twitter). Redman began an illustrated blog, Darcel Disappoints, in 2007/8. In short, Redman used his now iconic Darcel character as a way to record his humorous observations of New York City after moving there from Australia.

    Besides its creative force, the Dour Darcels team is stacked with talent. For one thing, the developers for the project are none other than the team at West Coast NFT. For those who don’t know, West Coast NFT is responsible for handling the technical side of major NFT projects like Doodles and Sartoshi’s MFers.

    In addition, Dour Darcels has the NFT consulting and marketing firm SHILLR on board as consultants. SHILLR has worked with such outfits as POAP, the NFT film Calladita and the NFT market aggregator Genie Swap.

    Given that the team behind an NFT project is arguably the most important element when it comes to success, the project’s team engenders a ton of confidence.

    1. Dour Darcels has 14 years’ worth of big brand partnerships

    Since Redman brought the character to life, Darcels has featured in a number of huge campaigns with global brands. To list a few, this includes Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Vogue, and The New York Times. The fact that Darcels has had major partnerships long before it launched as an NFT makes it will be able to continue to partner with brands into the future.

    1. The iconic egg character can adapt to all kinds of tastes and personalities

    Dour Darcels embodies one of the things that people love most about non-human profile picture (pfp) avatars. That is to say that no matter what the NFT character is – an ape, a cat, an alien, or an egg – people get to choose fun characters that they resonate with, even if they don’t look anything like them.

    With its clean, distinct style and many fun traits, all kinds of people can find a Dour Darcels NFT that matches them.

    1. The project has amassed a significant social media following in a short amount of time

    The value of a large social media following varies depending on who you talk to. Nevertheless, Dour Darcels has gained more than 28,000 Twitter followers and over 23,000 people in their Discord server.

    It’s important to note also that these communities were not built overnight. Rather they came together over a couple of months as Dour Darcels started to prepare for its launch. Overall, they’re good numbers that point to marked interest, but not so absurdly large that they raise suspicions of a fake following.

    1. Early sales volume and ownership distribution is promising

    Finally, there’s the numbers game. Since its launch on March 5th, Dour Darcels has amassed an impressive 3.1K ETH in secondary sales. That is good enough to put it at the 9th spot on OpenSea’s ranking of projects by sales volume over the past seven days. By the same token, the 10,000 NFTs are split among 4800+ owners.

    To be sure, an ownership distribution so close to 50% is a good sign of a healthy project. To say nothing of the fact that the project has some big NFT influencers – notably Farokh – among its holders.

    All things considered, Dour Darcels has made a tremendous start to its life as an NFT collection. Of course, there is no such thing as a sure thing in NFTs and nobody can say for sure what will or won’t be a blue-chip. With that said, this NFT collection has several things going for it that point to a bright future.

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