• Dutch Artist Dadara Releases An NFT For Every Person In The World

  • This month, Dutch artist Dadara’s record-breaking NFT project will bring the world together – literally. The CryptoGreyman NFT collection consists of precisely 7.9 billion digital assets, one for each human being on the planet.

    Surprisingly, all of the collectibles are identical, except for one thing: a serial number. This concept is both simple and powerful, representing the corporate view of its people.

    The concept behind Dadara’s CryptoGreyman NFTs

    CryptoGreyman is a collection of 7,907,414,597 NFTs – yes, you read that right. This surprisingly giant project depicts your usual corporate employee: wearing a suit, briefcase, and a grumpy look on his face.

    At this moment, digital artist Dadara’s artwork seems shockingly simple compared to newer NFT projects. From 3D avatars to full-body collectibles, projects nowadays focus on rarity, color, and highly-detailed pieces.

    However, there’s a good reason why the CryptoGreyman NFTs are identical: to represent our society.

    According to Dutch artist Dadara, this collection stands for the 21st-century corporate world and how people are perceived by institutions and companies. In this universe, people are nothing more than numbers; that’s exactly why the only difference between these NFTs is their unique serial number.

    Simultaneously, the collection also addresses the current pressure to be unique and different – an illusion fueled by social media.

    “I see this as a dead-serious prank, which can rattle the cage of consensual reality and elevate the conversation. It’s an NFT experiment with an unpredictable outcome,” said Dadara.

    “No specific NFT is better than another, and because the minting price is widelyaccessible it will be interesting to see what value each individual ryptoGreyman holder brings.”

    CryptoGreyman’s charitable collab with RAIRTech

    Notably, Dadara had first come up with the Greyman character back in the 1990s. At this moment, a simple idea became a fascinating representation of our world’s key problems.

    Nevertheless, CryptoGreyman also wants to make a difference in the real world. As a result, Dadara teamed up with the NFT-focused platform RAIRtech to support refugees. Together with the non-profit organization Movement on The Ground, the trio will teach refugees how to create digital wallets and trade NFTs. Owning a wallet they can take anywhere with them will help refugees start a new life in a free, modern world, Dadara believes.

    The CryptoGreyman NFT collection dropped on February 22nd via Polygon‘s Layer 2 solution. The price per digital asset is 1 MATIC, or about $2, making each digital asset accessible to most people.

    In fact, the RAIRtech CTO Garrett Minks admired this aspect right from the start:

    “This project is more democratized, and the barrier for entry is intentionally low,” he said. “When a person purchases a CryptoGreyman, that attached serial number is
    theirs. That number, if they chose to keep it, will be theirs until the end of time, or the blockchain ceases to exist.”

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