• Dystopia World: Everything You Need To Know About The Rat Boy NFTs

  • Rat Boy, or Jordan Cardy, is releasing 4 NFTs in his debut NFT collection: Dystopia World. The UK-based multimedia artist and musician is inviting a maximum of 400 fans into his illustrated world, as the untold story unfolds. Let’s dive right into this unique NFT collection!

    Introducing: Dystopia World

    Dystopia World first released on 15 June 2022, at 5pm BST. The mint price for each NFT is 66 MATIC, and they are presently available on TokenTraxx. These NFTs are ERC 1155 tokens built on the Polygon blockchain.

    The Dystopia World NFT collection is the creation of cult indie-rock singer-songwriter Rat Boy. This world features the story of four gangs battling it out in everlasting turf wars. Fans can now select the gang they support, and then be part of the story from here on out.

    This NFT collection features 4 NFTs, each representing a different gang. There are 100 editions to each of the 4 NFTs, and all come with an exclusive new track.

    • Papa Joey’s Pizza Parlour Punks (MISFITZ)
    • Graveyard Posse (SOURMILK)
    • City Squad (BITE)
    • Hell Bound Clowns (STREET SPIRIT)

    This is just the beginning and together, NFT holders will make history in Dystopia World. Future drops will include character illustrations, cars, hide-out’s, clothing and also weapons. These are all hand-drawn characters, coming from the beautiful mind of Jordan Cardy. Start collecting now as the gang wars are nowhere near to an end.

    The Tales of Rat Boy

    Rat Boy burst onto the scene with a strong punk rock influence back in 2017, dropping his debut studio album SCUM. Many of his songs consist of narratives and stories within the lyrics. They also use samples recorded from sounds and conversations from his personal life. Aside from Dystopia World and his other hits, he has worked with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Tim Armstrong, and others.

    Furthermore, he combined his musical influences, love of skateboarding, and sense of style to drop his own clothing brand, SCUM. These products are heavily graphic-focused, featuring familiar faces in unique scenarios. For instance, there is a SCUM t-shirt portraying Winnie The Pooh’s Tigger picking fresh weed leaves.

    TokenTraxx x Dystopia World

    TokenTraxx is an NFT marketplace, built by musicians for the music community. The platform redefines and enhances the value of music, which then supports and financially benefits the whole community. TokenTraxx celebrates and rewards the unique symbiosis of creators, curators, and collectors. Eventually, they are looking to be at the center of a new and independent music creator economy, driven by NFTs.

    They have seen plenty of success with prior engagements, and expect Rat Boy’s Dystopia World to show similar success. At the time of writing, there are still available NFTs from all 4 gangs. Select your gang wisely, cross your fingers, and hope for the best as the story unfolds.

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