• ECOMI and VeVe: NFT Comics and Illustrated Books for Moms and Dads

  • ECOMI and it’s NFT platform Ve are carving out a unique niche in NFTs. You never know what will happen to that old Spider-Man comic you once loved but lost or threw away. What if that same comic book could be purchased and kept online and keep growing in value?ECOMI and VeVe are trying to solve exactly that problem. Today’s generation has found a new way to turn digital comics into high-value digital NFTs that can be resold for two to ten times (or more) their initial value.

    VeVe has changed the landscape of comics and illustrated books

    Let’s take a quick and in-depth look at ECOMI and VeVe, a blockchain digital art app that allows everyday cryptocurrency investors and cartoon NFT fans to buy and hold or resell comic books, characters, and even illustrated novels.

    What makes VeVe special and different from potential competitors is its ability to display your art in 3D anywhere in your home, office, outdoor space or room. – And some people even keep them in their personal VeVe library for personal pleasure or flexibility.OMI is the symbol behind VeVe, which has contributed to its growth through partnerships with superhero comic giants Marvel and DC, and even a deal with Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “Little Prince”.

    All of these actions in the past few weeks will hopefully help VeVe and the OMI token rise to prominence and become the face of a new era of digital comic books and illustrations, all in the fast and ever-changing world of cryptocurrency NFT.

    To understand the importance of this, you have to understand the head of the beast: the ECOMI, a Singapore-based technology company that works in the digital NFT collection space. They created VeVe to add a new dimension and spin to the NFT world. Within the last few days, the price action has been renewed: the coin is currently sitting at $0.005 with a trading volume of $18 million.

    With the recent “Cub” trade announced on September 17 and the recent strong price action, it’s safe to say this is a company, app, and token that should be on your radar if you have an interest in comics and NFT.

    In this new world of potential gold, it’s hard to ignore any company these days that has a strong reputation for high-customer projects in unique communities around the world. With new investments in immersive NFTs, augmented reality and other metaverse components, ECOMI and Ve are making the necessary progress to secure strong IP partners to protect the future of the brand.

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