• EDM chart topper to release dinosaur-themed comic NFT

  • Dimitri Vegas, creator of one half of the EDM duo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, has nurtured his idea to the point of creation. Now, after assembling a team of some of the best talent in the graphic novel industry, he’s ready for his first drop. Alien warrior dinosaur warriors, about to arrive in the metaverse.

    The initial NFT offering will include a series of 3D moving statues of dinosaur warrior characters, as well as a series of comic-themed trading cards. Each art collection includes 4 levels of rarity and will be released shortly.

    Assisting him on this journey is the creative duo of father and son Michael and David Uslan. Mike has been the creative driving force behind the Batman films of the past 20 years, while David is an expert in animation and pop culture.

    Heading into 2022, a full comic book series is in the works, bringing more great talent to the project, such as graphic novel editor Heather Antos, one of the geniuses behind Marvel’s Star Wars franchise. There’s also literalist Eric Burnham, who was one of the writers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters graphic novels.

    Looking ahead, the team has grand designs for the Dinosaur Warriors universe. This includes an animated TV series, video games and more.

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