• Elementa NFT Games Launches Unique Concept Art and Storyline

  • Welcome to the world of Elementa, the remaining population of a destroyed world called Viridium. Will you be one of the last 10,000 survivors and find a way to save the world?


    Elementa puts the best of collectibles, gameplay, and storytelling into one epic NFT project launching later this month. Collectors will have the chance to rough it in grueling battles, compete to become champions, create guilds with their closest allies, and help narrate Elementa’s groundbreaking storyline.

    Elementa’s characters are randomly generated from over 140 stunning, individually hand-drawn creations, using a “concept art” art style. Each character will have their own unique name and gender, and will appear as one of seven special races with a unique set of armor and weapons not found in other characters, as well as some randomly assigned stats. The background image will be a high quality concept art scene showing the character’s home fortress, which will affect their combat abilities and fictional experience.

    Each NFT will cost 0.05 ETH and the drop time is November 20 at 17:00 UTC. those who go from the initial mint to the completed novel will receive a free printed copy of Elementa.

    The project.

    A prologue has been written for the novel, which describes the world, the elements and the background of the races. It will be released in stages every few days until the time of release. Then the real fun begins. After the NFT is released, each chapter will be written in real time based on the decisions the holder makes about his or her character each week. Characters will be faced with emotional situations, massive wars, and perhaps, your character may even make an appearance in the novel!

    In addition to the fictional aspect, users can participate in the game to earn money, win prizes on seasonal leaderboards, earn in-game gold for upcoming local tokens, and participate in grand tournaments. The core of the gameplay is players dueling other characters in battle arenas built in each fortress.

    The team behind the project will also provide a liquidity pool and create a community fund with up to 30 ETH for holders to decide how to use. Participants can choose anything from donating to charity and adding to the in-game prize pool, to using it for improvements, or hosting a pool party. Shares from secondary sales will be used to fill this gap. Once all NFTs have been sold, an additional 20 ETH will be donated to a charity, again, the community can have a say, but the team is keen to support education in Myanmar, as well as other causes.

    The team

    The strong team behind the project comes from all corners of the world and consists of some of the most talented creators and developers. Eddie is the mastermind behind the idea and is the lead developer. He runs a successful development agency in the UK and works with big clients on a daily basis. Jensen is the super talented illustrator and artist behind the design. He worked for many years at one of Indonesia’s leading triple-A game art and animation studios. Taylor is the mastermind behind the storyline. He had a successful Kickstarter for his roleplaying comic.Finally, Jamie is a developer and NFT enthusiast. He is passionate about everything he builds and won’t stop until everything is perfect.

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