• Elf Princess NFT Collection Aims To Be The Biggest Female Launch of 2022

  • The Elf Princess Club dreams of making the biggest female NFT launch of the year. With women empowerment in mind, the project is shaping hybrid physical and digital products that boost women’s lifestyles.

    On March 19, Elf Princess NFTs begin pre-selling at a mint price of 0.07 ETH. Shortly after on March 22 at 00:00 UTC, the NFTs will drop on crypto wallets.

    The female-led NFT project includes 10,000 Elf Princesses, who all plan “to rule the metaverse.” While the claim sounds ambitious, it’s not impossible. Each Elf Princess looks gorgeous. After all, they’ve come to life through the artistss creativity. Award-winning female artist,Tamanna Jain leads the Elf Princess team in its creative decisions.

    Elf Princess Is Merging NFTs with Female Lifestyle Products

    Aiming to merge the metaverse with everyday life, Tamanna’s team is introducing unique experiences to Elf Princess fans.

    Aside from launching NFTs, they’ll also establish themselves as a hybrid clothing company. By November 1, the team plans to release its unique garment line. This clothing line is poised to be the world’s first, with each piece having real-world and metaverse versions. Each apparel will also be a limited edition piece, so it stays true to the nature of NFTs.

    By the end of Q2 this year, we’re expecting to see the clothing store domain reveal. We’ll also see its initial user interface and user experience. By Q3, fans will be able to visit the clothing line’s online store.

    Elf Princess will also enter the NFT game space by Q4 of 2022. The team plans to release the Elf Princess Game on both Android and iOS. It will feature a turn-based strategy (TBS) mobile game. Here, players take turns when playing such as in CyBall. Plus, they’ll also earn tokens when they win.

    Initial plans reveal that the way to receive Elf tokens is to defeat Elf Princesses. You could then exchange these tokens with 3D Elf Princess models. These 3Ds may join exclusive metaverse events.

    So far, the project founders say NFT holders will have extra benefits in the game. For example, they’ll be able to hire their Princess Avatar.

    Timeless and Dimensionless Beauty

    In short, Elf Princesses“do not age or die.” Obviously, this feature matches nicely with how we normally perceive elves—they’re magical and eternal.

    This also complements a feature they call Elf Energy. The project describes it as a type of “renewable energy,” and we’re expecting to see it on many marketplaces by Q2 of 2023.

    According to the Elf Princess creators, Elf Energy is actually a female-focused energy drink. Containing both caffeine and vitamins, this product will cater to needs specific to women. Interestingly, the project will also introduce the Elf Beer. This will be a high-end drink which, again, will suit women’s tastes.

    Benefits of Owning Elf Princess NFTs

    Aside from the above lifestyle perks, NFT holders will have exclusive commercial rights to their Elf Princess. They may also receive future surprise NFT airdrops and artdrops. Plus, they’ll enjoy priority access to limited edition clothing and accessories. In case of any key decisions on the project, holders also have voting rights.

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