• Ellen Von Unwerth Throws Out Superb Supermodel NFTs

  • Star photographer Ellen Von Unwerth is gearing up for the next big moment in her incredible career. Her latest great adventure is the “Supermodel Series”, a set of NFTs based on some of her most iconic images.

    Arriving in the etheric world on October 21 at 5pm, it’s a series of five projects featuring the elite of 90s supermodels. Each unforgeable digital asset has been carefully selected from a catalog of images from the fashion model’s heyday. In addition, each NFT has been animated to add a little extra “glamour”.

    Celebrity icons Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss all made it into this class. Each of the now legendary images were shot at the height of their personal success. In what is described as a “tribute” to the three stars, each image captures a specific point in time and tells a very specific and intimate story related to each “muse”.

    The broader goal of this sale is to support a number of charitable causes close to the photographer’s heart. The proceeds of the sale will be split in three parts and shared between UNICEF, Fashion for Relief and Empire Health Charities.

    The auction will take place on the Cryptograph platform.

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