• Elvis NFT Collection Planning a Record-Breaking Metaverse Debut

  • Elvis NFTs are coming to the metaverse and they’re making a grand entrance. As a matter of fact, the team behind the Elvis NFTs, Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE), has partnered with the NFT and metaverse studio, Run It Wild. Together they are planning a major event in Decentraland to launch its Elvis-on-Chain strategy.

    The Elvis Genesis Key NFTs from Elvis-On-Chain

    In short, Elvis-on-Chain is a wide-ranging move from EPE. It aims to give Elvis fans ownership rights for the future of Elvis’ vault. To clarify, the vault contains never-before-seen items from the rock and roll legend’s career.

    At first, there will be 1,935 one-of-a-kind Elvis Genesis Key NFTs. The NFTs are based on a 1968 special that marked Elvis’ return to the stage. Notably, each Elvis on-chain NFT will be a 1-of-1. What’s more, rarity will depend on the bulb color and brightness in the NFTs.

    And to be sure, the NFTs pack some major utility for Elvis fanatics. For example, there will be a members-only Discord for holders. They will also have access to both physical and virtual galleries, NFT exhibitions, and pop-ups.

    Above all, holders will have the chance to vote for future releases from Elvis’ vault. Thus, EPE hopes to preserve Elvis’ legacy on the blockchain, while giving power of ownership to fans. Run It Wild Director Adam De Cata said of the NFT collection,

    “These NFTs open up many new ways for superfans to come together on a deeper, more intentional level. Voting on the future of Elvis’ vault effectively puts the power back in fans’ hands and creates a more intimate fan club experience on-chain.”

    Some of the funds from the NFT drop will be used to buy Elvis memorabilia that will be authenticated on-chain. These will be some of the items displayed in the exhibitions mentioned above.

    Elvis Block Party looks to break a world record in Decentraland

    Run It Wild is helping EPE to launch Elvis-on-Chain by throwing the “Elvis Block Party” in Decentraland. The event will celebrate Elvis’ legendary music and career in the metaverse.

    Most significantly, the Elvis Block Party is looking to break a world record in Decentraland. That is to say, it’s gunning for the world record for the most Elvis impersonators in a single location. Indeed, Guinness World Records will have a judge at the event to verify the record. And to answer the obvious question, yes, Guinness World Records has agreed that virtual avatars count as real people.

    To that end, people attending the event in Decentraland will get an airdrop of Elvis wearables, including an Elvis jumpsuit and a wig of the singer’s iconic hairstyle.

    Overall, these Elvis NFTs continue the trend of iconic artists whose legacies are being reborn on the blockchain.

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