• Emblem Vault NFT sales up 225% in one week

  • Emblem Vault is a tokenized multi-asset wallet.

    It wraps a combination of cryptocurrencies into a single NFT token.

    Several rare early NFTs have resurfaced in Emblem Vaults, including the RarePepe series.

    According to NFT data aggregator CryptoSlam, the NFT project Emblem Vault has blown up in the past month, becoming the second largest NFT project in terms of sales.

    In the last twenty-four hours, Emblem Vault NFT generated over $5 million in sales from 300 buyers with 607 transactions.

    In terms of sales volume, Emblem Vault is still $9.5 million shy of the largest NFT project to date, the Pokémon-style blockchain game Axie Infinity, but Emblem Vault is more than $4 million ahead of popular NFT projects like NBA Top Shot and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

    What is Emblem Vault NFT?

    Emblem Finance launches the project on Bitcoin and Ether in September 2020.

    Each Emblem Vault is an ethereum-based NFT that functions as a multi-asset wallet. They let you trade a combination of NFTs and interchangeable cryptocurrencies, including those from different chains, as a single token.

    Each Emblem Vault NFT contains a series of blockchain addresses generated from a seed phrase. You can store a different digital asset in each address at any time, and only people with private keys can send tokens to other wallets.

    Since Emblem packages the tokens as modern ERC-721 NFTs, the same type of tokens traded on popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, the project allows collectors to trade NFTs that predate the ERC-721 NFT standard.

    Pepe the Frog is one of the classic NFTs that have reappeared on Emblem Vaults. Earlier this month, a vintage RarePepe NFT, depicting the cartoon “Pepe” of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, sold for 147 ETH, then about $500,000.

    Similarly, EthPep – a Pepe depicting ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin – changed hands for 100 WETH, at the time of the sale, for around $330,000.

    Sales of Emblem Vaults have dropped from $6 million to $2 million in the last 24 hours, reflecting a rapid rise from earlier, when sales grew from $1.7 million to $6 million.

    But the sudden loss of activity has not diminished Emblem Vaults’ position as the second largest NFT program in the market today.

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