• Endy Chow’s first NFT program “minomi” 33 full hand-painted paintings

  • Recently, the most popular NFT projects must be different, and many artists have started to launch some NFT projects, but few have designed and created them by themselves. Endy Chow created an NFT project called “minomi” for his new song “body behind him”, in which 33 paintings were painted by him and sold in opensea at 22:22 on February 22, 2022,

    What is the theme of this NFT project?

    Endy Chow: this project is called “minomi”, which means “body body” in Japanese. It is related to my new song “body behind me” sent to Taiwan in January this year. In fact, the “body behind you” mentioned in the lyrics is that you have been silently supporting yourself in different time and space and doing your biggest backup. This project includes 33 pictures of the body behind me that I see, that I record growing up in this city and that I feel indispensable.

    Why did you begin to conceive the plan?

    Endy Chow: the origin is really funny. It comes from a time when Barry, the supervisor behind me, and I found a picture of my fine painting in the album. He said with a smile that he wanted to keep the painting and put it on NFT. It happened that two friends here really knew NFT and said, “do it for me, do it for you!” Then I didn’t care. The whole thing started in the dialogue of “you OK, I OK”. So if it weren’t for Barry, I wouldn’t have generated this plan!

    Why did the musician become a painter?

    Endy Chow: in fact, my first ideal as a child was to become a cartoonist! In primary school, he also drew a cartoon with his own theme. Later, he went to Japan to study multimedia art. I often tell others that if I hadn’t accidentally hit the line and become a singer, I must be drawing now. In fact, every time I write a song, I feel like I’m drawing in my head, and the picture in my brain becomes the song I write. Even I have to memorize the lyrics with colors and images… Painting is everywhere in my life. I know that most of you know me. I’m a musician, but this time I also want to share with you another part of me – I’m a painter.

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