• Enjin Room: Key Partnerships with Amazon, Etsy, and More

  • Over the past few weeks, Enjin has continued to welcome more projects into their growing network of partnerships. Notably, from smart contracts coming to JumpNet, to Stormrite, and Xbox action RPG games for enhancements to their in-game assets. ENJ holders looking for more real-world utility can head over to Shopping.io to find some ENJ-enabled deals.

    Here’s a quick rundown of who has recently joined Enjin’s network


    Enjin’s partnership with Shopping.io may be the most direct and user-friendly utility for ENJ to date. As of last Thursday, ENJ holders can send their tokens out of the metaverse and into the more established but outdated meat universe to spend at stores like Amazon, Etsy, Walmart and Ebay.

    Shopping.io is essentially a bridge from cryptocurrency to the traditional Web2 platform. According to their Medium post, “Shopping.io is the only international cryptocurrency onboarding platform that allows its users to spend their cryptocurrency on popular e-commerce sites.”

    Until September 9, users who pay with ENJ will receive a 2% discount on any item they purchase.


    Stormrite, an action RPG launching on Xbox and PC in 2022, joins the ranks of games using Enjin’s network to deploy NFT in their games.

    “These NFT items will be redeemable in-game via saves and will change the appearance of your in-game gear/companions in unique ways,” they said in a press release.

    Stormrite is set in the medieval fantasy world called Redreach, a land locked in a perpetual state of chaos where you start as a squire and level up through a narrative that spins into different endings, eventually leading your army to victory.

    While they will be using Enjin to open up the market for their in-game wearables to the larger blockchain world, Stormrite insists that this will not be the defining feature of the game.

    “For players who do not wish to purchase Stormrite NFTs, the gaming experience will not change. Stormrite will be a 100% single player experience with no pay-to-win features, and we will never deviate from that,” they said.


    Blockster is a new social network that was created for cryptocurrency thinkers. It is a flavor of LinkedIn with a greater emphasis on the larger cryptocurrency market. Users can follow projects and their teams, and keep up with the market as they discuss the token of the week.

    They want to aggregate what is considered different areas of cryptocurrency conversation, which include everything from Twitter to Reddit to Coinmarketcap.

    They haven’t launched yet, but they have a waiting list of over 400,000 people. This first 400,000 people are eligible for NFT, which is cast and distributed through Enjin’s JumpNet.

    Along with the NFT drop, “……Blockster is hosting an exclusive giveaway backed by 50 Enjin coins (ENJ) per NFT. According to Enjin’s press release, “All participants will be entered into a random drawing for a chance to win one of the limited edition NFTs.


    A bit of old news, but Bitstamp joined the ranks of exchanges that support ENJ trading a week and a half ago.

    The self-proclaimed “original global cryptocurrency exchange” went public, allowing withdrawals and deposits on August 20 and trading on the 23rd.

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