• Enjin Room: the Lost Legacy update and new game on the horizon

  • There have been a few updates to Enjin’s game world recently, along with a few upcoming games, such as Dungeon Universe, entering the marketplace. The Lost Legacy got a big update, Six Dragons is moving to JumpNet, and Doctor Death is being prepped for alpha release. Here’s a breakdown.

    The Lost Legacy.

    Lost Legacy, a dungeon crawler and one of the more popular games in the PTE world, released Patch 189, Pandemonium, on September 20 to great fanfare, with only a few interruptions. Pandemonium rearranged many of the game’s collection mechanics, changing the loot system so that players could find fewer but more valuable chests with each run.

    “If you find valuable items in those chests more often, it’s better to open 2 chests per run than 8,” according to the patch notes.

    The cost of the Lost Relic Market has also been increased from 3% to 4% to subsidize the aforementioned shift in harvesting. Rare tools can now only be harvested for rare items, and there is a new Forge skill for members to craft armor from ingots. The Graveyard Scramble game mode was also released to members.

    While the update was released on the 20th, technical issues prevented most players from playing the game until the 24th. The game is now up and running, with lead developer and founder Cliff Cawley attributing the issues to a third-party service they were using, which they have “abandoned to orbit and nuked.”

    Doctor Death.

    Doctor Necrosis is a new game that joins the Enjin ecosystem. It’s a medical simulation game in the style of Stardew Valley, with all the features of a large PTE game. You’ll be the doctor of a small town, faced with the burden of treating residents suffering from strange medieval diseases (rotting flesh, ghosts in their blood, etc.). According to their website, only your elixir can save them, and the doctor must “diagnose the disease, research a cure for it, forage for food, harvest your supplies, and craft a cure.”

    There will be over 15,000 diseases to treat, and as in the real world, some cures may work for other diseases, but they may also kill your patients outright.

    The blockchain element comes in the form of pets. You can find and collect critters around town and send them to the blockchain to be purchased by other lone doctors.

    The game was created by Black Caffeine Studios, a studio with deep ties to the Enjin gaming universe. They share staff with MyMetaverse and build the backend for Nestables, an increasingly popular collectibles game.

    Doctor Necrosis has no release date, but a gameplay trailer was released in early July.

    Dungeon Universe.

    Another game that will join the Enjin ecosystem, Dungeon Universe touts everything NFT in its Runescape-esque medieval MMORPG.NFT armor, jewelry, weapons, and emotes in a somewhat low-poly world filled with monsters and elves to defeat.

    The game will be free-to-play and players will be able to choose between several different classes, cast spells, wield swords or shoot arrows at the beasts of the world. They will also be able to trade items in the player shop and own houses in the dungeon universe.

    They are pushing PTE hard, saying on their website, “Every aspect of the game will be influenced by blockchain technology, and players will be rewarded for the time they put in.”

    Dungeon Universe released their first post in late August and have since released a number of trailers and offered trading cards for sale to their social media and early visitors to Discord.

    We’ll be looking forward to playing all of these games and watching their progress. As the blockchain gaming landscape evolves, it will be interesting to see what types of games rise to the top and which ones have staying power.

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