• ENS partner with OpenSea to Auction off their Premium Blockchain Domains

  • Multichain ENS provider Unstoppable Domains is teaming up with OpenSea to auction 100 off their most watchlisted premium blockchain domains! So on February 8, you can get your hands on the exclusive set that includes football.nft, digital.nft and more!

    With over 2 Million registered domains, Unstoppable Domains is a major hit to investors, collectors and Web3 projects. Last year, the platform launched over 100 product features and improvements. So this 2022, the team has no plans of slowing down!

    Blockchain Domains Explained

    The predecessor of Unstoppable Domains is ENS.

    ENS started out as an “easy to remember Ethereum address.” Basically, it made it easy to remember the long list of random numbers and letters comprising an Ethereum address. Then, it evolved and currently supports multiple currencies. So when you transfer money to a friend, you don’t need to fill in the wallet’s address. For example, Anna has an ENS short domain name (balabala.eth). So if Bob needs to transfer crypto, he just needs to fill in Anna’s ENS in the payment address.

    Unstoppable Domains is similar to ENS because it allows users to send cryptocurrency via the recipient’s blockchain domain. So you can send Bitcoin, Ethereum and other supported currencies with just one domain.

    With the rise of NFTs, the platform now offers NFT domains which collectors and projects can use as a universal username across apps and websites. In addition, it also functions as a website URL and payment address for wallets. In terms of user experience, it eliminates the possibility of human error by sending to the wrong address.

    Thinking of Getting a One? Here’s What You Need to Know

    The great thing about blockchain domains is that there’s no renewal fee. EVER. You can grab yours starting at $5 via https://unstoppabledomains.com. Unlike standard website domains that require monthly/ yearly renewal, you can have full ownership of your blockchain domains. Since the domain is stored in your wallet, no one can move it around other than you, just like a cryptocurrency.

    Once you get a blockchain domain, you can say goodbye to signing in with email addresses, user accounts and passwords. Your Unstoppable domain is all you need to verify your identity and access sites and apps on the decentralized web. It also provides an easy access point for launching a Web3 site that people can actually find. The platform also offers a set of site design templates to simplify the buildout.

    So what’s the implication of the upcoming drop on OpenSea? First, domains might be worth a lot of money one day. For example, you were able to mint football.nft domain. Then, in the future, you can parlay it by selling it to a project or another NFT Collector for a profit.

    The NFT space is currently dominated by artworks, virtual assets and PFPs, so there’s plenty of room for growth in the domain segment.

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