• Epik Unveils 3 New NFT Series at DCentral Miami Conference

  • This year’s DCentral Miami conference is all about celebrating NFT art and fashion digitally – and that’s exactly what Epik Prime is doing. The digital licensing platform is launching 3 exclusive NFT collections to be auctioned off during the conference.

    DCentral Miami is one of the most prestigious conferences dedicated to DeFi and NFTs. This year’s event takes place from November 30 to December 1 at the Miami Airport Convention Center. The core concept of the conference is a celebration of art, fashion and gaming – all through the lens of the NFT world.

    As a result, the giant dedicated platform Epik Prime has launched three new NFT collections.


    Nazarov is an NFT launch created by the artist of the same name. While creating the “scaled” digital asset, Nazarov also painted a physical artwork, “The Faithful Unleash the Flame.” As a result, both pieces of art were sold simultaneously to demonstrate the undeniable connection between the digital and physical worlds. The team set the price at $800,000.

    Epik’s DCentral Miami NFTs

    Epik created this exclusive collection of 500 NFTs for DCentralCon VIPs. These digital assets showcase Miami’s stunning violet color scheme to honor the presence of top supporters at the event.


    ICON’s #OOTD NFT is an impressive digital artwork of a stylish blue building. The asset has a minimum bid of $997 and its holder can own a part of the legendary ICON marketplace.

    The DCentral Miami conference comes on the heels of months of success for Epik. Last fall, the company partnered with The Sandbox to launch an exclusive 9/11 collection. A month later, Epik Prime launched its first eSports brand, NFT, during the 2021 Asian Gaming Expo. surprisingly, the massive platform also launched its first sweepstakes with Zenescope & Second Life Collectibles in November.

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