• ETH-MEN challenges the biggest brains in Somali space

  • Digital action figure, ETH-MEN is about to liven up Somali space with an intergalactic battle of brains. This no-holds-barred quiz will separate the smart from the brainless.

    Introducing ETH-MEN’s Trivia Night, up to 42 contestants, divided into teams, will battle it out for metaverse supremacy. The arena for this tournament is ETH-MON’s mighty cathedral in Somnium Space. The tournament is available on both VR and PC clients.

    The noble competition will involve 50 questions in 5 categories, with combatants providing answers via the Discord server. Event hosts will quiz contestants in the areas of film, music, geography, sports and art. Contestants will only have 10 seconds to answer.

    At the end of the quiz, the team with the highest score will be awarded the “Battle of the Brains Champion.” In the event of a tie, the game will be resolved by a sudden death question. Thus, the winner will win the right to boast about the meta-space.

    The event is being held at the ETH-MEN venue located on Lot 2611 of Somnium Space. It will kick off on August 28th at 8pm CET. Please bring your brains, your cunning and a healthy dose of luck.

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