• Europe’s Largest Asset Manager Amundi Admits NFTs Are Investable Assets

  • Global asset management company “Amundi” has begun exploring digital assets in the form of NFTs as a worthwhile investment for clients. Chief Investment Officer, Vincent Mortier, stated that the company is mainly looking into digital art & collectibles.

    Ending 2021 with a record-breaking 2.3 trillion in assets under management, Amundi’s venture into NFTs provides clients with a viable avenue into the blockchain, creating further diversity inside one of the top leading asset managers.

    Why is Amundi Looking At NFTs?

    NFT sales volume totaled $24.9 billion in 2021, with a whopping 11.6 billion in Q4. Plus, they followed that with a record-breaking new year. Incredibly, January totalled 5 billion – kicking 2022 off with explosive power. Previously, the best month recorded was August 2021 with 3.4 billion. Clearly, these figures provide further incentive for investors looking to dive into the world of De-Fi.

    Regarding Amundi, Vincent said “Ultimately, we cannot rule out that NFTs will also become investable assets […] and end up being ranked in the real assets category”.

    From scams to useless jpegs, NFTs have received slander in all forms. Yet, regardless of one’s opinion on NFT worth, the numbers provide a worthy argument for those who value their non-fungibles. The bulk of the sales volume was recorded across the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. While Ethereum made up 4.95 billion of the trading magnitude, Polygon accounted for 79 million.

    Mortier stated previously that the market showed the most promise in the areas of digital art and collectibles. However, with the company viewing cryptocurrency as “too speculative,” it will be interesting to see how they tackle the volatility of recent market swings in ETH prices.

    Europe’s 2nd Biggest Asset Managers Are Still Considering NFTs

    Amundi stated “We are thinking if there is a way to invest thematically in companies involved in this [NFT] space”

    Despite the implications of diving into NFTs, Mortier stated Amundi are yet to finalize plans. However, multiple avenues are available for the company, such as a dedicated fund for NFT investments.

    While he urged we are “not there yet”, it seems we might not have to wait a bit longer before they truly dive in.

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