• Ex EA, Disney, and Epic Games Talent Raise $4M To Build MMOC Games

  • Web3 gaming studio Playmint has just announced a $4M seed round for its upcoming MMOCG (Massively Multiplayer On Chain Game). Accordingly, the round was led by BITKRAFT, a leading gaming investment platform. In addition, Cherry Ventures, 1kx, and Ethereal Ventures participated too.

    Playmint’s debut game, called The Crypt, will become the first ‘Player vs Environment’ game that’s fully on-chain.

    Playmint raises $4M to revolutionize web3 gaming

    The London-based gaming studio Playmint has just revealed its latest seed round of $4 million. The team will use the funds to develop its first game titled The Crypt.

    Basically, The Crypt is a Loot-based dungeon game where players can build their own games and bots via the project’s primitives. In fact, the game is an experimental project allowing the team to explore web3 gaming possibilities.

    “We are committed to creating real, web3 games, not web2.5, by leveraging blockchain technology to build games the industry has never experienced before,” said Playmint CEO David Amor. “We may not know how they’ll work, what they’ll look like, or how players will interact with them, but one thing we do know is making a fun game is a necessity.”

    In the future, Playmint devs will use the knowledge acquired with The Crypt to create a second ambitious game. Surprisingly, the complex on-chain game will include subterfuge, politics, and innovative tokenomics.

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