• Ex North Korea Propaganda Artist To Drop Debut NFT Collection

  • Sun Mu, a former propaganda artist from North Korea, is releasing a collection of NFTs this week! According to his official website, the artist will launch ten NFTs on May 29th via OpenSea. This project will focus on his existing artworks, paintings and installation pieces. He has recreated his NFT art for the public in collaboration with blockchain planners and motion graphic designers.

    NFT artist Sun Mu escaped North Korea

    Sun Mu majored in art in North Korea and worked as a propaganda artist. In the late 90s, he defected via China, Laos and Thailand before settling in South Korea. Since graduating from a prestigious South Korean fine art school, he has worked as a full-time artist. Now, the artist from North Korea is releasing an awesome NFT collection.

    His art reflects his upbringing and is reminiscent of North Korea’s socialist propaganda art with a pop art twist. Sun Mu’s art is highly critical of the North Korean government, and he uses wit and satire to emphasize this.

    Some of the works will be auctioned, and others as multi-editions at a single price. They are on sale to the public until June 28th.

    North Korean hackers linked to Axie Infinity robbery

    The North Korean government is very aware of NFTs, and in fact, the FBI believes they are behind the $625 million Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity hack. In a statement, the FBI said, “Through our investigations, we confirmed Lazarus Group and APT38, cyber actors associated with [North Korea], are responsible for the theft.”

    However, the blockchain is permanent, and Sun Mu’s images for his NFT collection will show this period of North Korea forever on the blockchain.

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