• Ex-Prisoner Of War, Robert McAdam, Releases An NFT Collection At 101 Years Old

  • Robert McAdam, a former World War II prisoner of war and purple heart recipient, became the world’s oldest known collaborative NFT artist. At 101 years old, McAdam created a 6,000-piece generative NFT art collection entitled “Peace 101.”

    The Digital Development Corporation will release McAdam’s work as part of their “G.I. Generation” series. The American war veteran’s collection will be available for sale in April/May this year. Images of the art series will be previewed shortly before the auction date.

    About Robert McAdam

    Robert McAdam, who was born in Chicago in 1920, is one of the few surviving veterans of World War II. His interesting life story includes being a navigator during World War II; being captured and forced into the Nazi POW camp Stalag Luft I; as well as being a Purple Heart recipient.

    McAdam is also an accomplished athlete. In his 50s, McAdam became a state senior Olympic handball champion. At 96, McAdam broke the world record for the fastest 5K run in the 95 and older age group in an unsanctioned race. A year later, at the age of 97, he broke the world record for the fastest 5K run in the 95 and older age group.

    Robert McAdam’s experience in World War II and his desire for global unity make his NFT series “Peace 101” particularly powerful. Moreover, McAdam and DDC will donate 10% of the profits to combat global human trafficking.

    Recently, NFT project teams have become more aware of the importance of donating proceeds to charity. One such example is World of Women, which donated 84 ETH (approx $262,000) to three grassroots networks.

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