• Exploring GenZeroes: Sci-Fi Multiverse and the First Live Action NFT Series

  • Sci-fi multiverse GenZeroes is making a splash in the NFT scene after onboarding Hawkeye and Van Helsing actor Aleks Paunovic as its lead star and executive producer! The project will drop the first live-action NFT series in the Metaverse along with comics and collectibles.

    GenZeroes NFT Project

    The series lifts off 200 years after an alien invasion destroys mankind. So the story would revolve around the fight of ten factions to control the future of humanity. The team plans to release the ten episodes by March and motion graphic comic books will augment it.

    So, where does the NFT component come in? To watch the GenZeroes series, viewers must purchase an NFT via the House of Kibaa website. Each level of NFT ownership will endow different benefits with the top-level, allowing fractional ownership of the series.

    As access tokens, the NFTs will unlock benefits like viewing BTS and early and special releases of series content. In addition, token holders will get to enjoy “residuals and benefits from deals with other platforms as determined by the smart contracts and NFT utilities.” Meanwhile, the team is still finalizing whether earning profits from deals will be part of the benefits.

    Behind the Scenes

    The project is off to a good start because it didn’t need to sell NFTs to raise funds for production. According to reports, it is already fully financed. Hence, they were able to land an A-lister like Paunovic. The Marvel actor was also in the NFT film ZERO CONTACT opposite Anthony Hopkins. It was a hugely successful project with massive revenue so a sequel is already underway.

    Commenting on the project, Paunovic said, “There’s nothing more exciting than being an artist on an artist-driven platform. This project is devoted to the sci-fi fandom and gives them an opportunity to be involved on so many levels. It’s an evolution in entertainment and I am excited to be working with House of Kibaa.”

    Meanwhile, Van Helsing writers Matt Venables and Jeremy Smith will serve as showrunners. Kimani Ray Smith will direct the series while Canadian company House of Kibaa is producing it.

    Executive producer Neil Stevenson-Moore shared their vision for this project. He said, “House of Kibaa Productions is focused on becoming the place that the TV and film community go to leverage NFTs in an authentic manner.” To achieve this, the team is already striking deals that will allow the series to have a broader platform for mainstream viewing. So the NFT release on the House of Kibaa website is just the first step because streaming and movie screening is also in the pipeline.

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