• Facebook is considering NFT support in Novi digital wallet

  • David Marcus, Facebook’s head of financial services, said Facebook is “definitely considering” using its Novi digital wallet to support non-forgeable tokens (NFTs).

    In an interview on Tuesday, Marcus said Facebook is in a good position to explore supporting NFTs through its new digital wallet, although it’s too early to talk about concrete plans.

    “When you have a good cryptocurrency wallet, like Novi will, you also have to think about how you can help consumers support NFTs,” he said. Facebook that’s “definitely thinking about that.”

    When asked about concerns about the social media giant’s entry into financial services, Marcus reiterated his position, published in a recent blog post, that the company should have a “fair chance” to earn people’s trust, given that Facebook brings competition to areas like communications, thereby lowering the cost of texting and international calls.

    “I fully understand the conversation about censorship and trust, but I’m not advocating blind trust. I advocate taking a shot at earning people’s trust over a long period of time,” he said.

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