• Fantom Loot Brings Loot Project to Fantom Platform

  • Loot is a popular ethereum-based NFT platform

    Fantom Loot brings the Loot project to the Fantom platform

    Over 3,000 Fantom Loot cast in 10 hours

    Dom Hofmann, creator of Vine, Blitmap and Supdrive, created Loot on the ethereum platform.The project has received a lot of support as users found the NFT project very appealing. Loot is currently ranked in the top 7 in the NFT rankings by historical sales, with $210 million in transaction volume.

    Due to Loot’s success, Fantom Loot decided to bring the Loot project to Fantom, a fast, high-throughput open source smart contract platform. Just like Loot, Fantom Loot has 8,000 bags of unique adventurer gear. However, unlike the original project, Fantom Loot does not keep any bags for contract deployers. This means that all Fantom Loot will be cast by the user.

    The Fantom Loot team celebrated their huge success as users minted over 3,000 Fantom Loots in 10 hours.

    In a tweet, the Fantom Loot team also reminded users to “build our own value system” at Fantom. The team encouraged users not to be tied to the primitive valuation system in the ethereum version of Loot.

    According to Ethernet founder Vitalik Buterin.

    The idea behind the looting project is sound: almost anything created by anyone “exists”, what matters is the extent to which others have built it.

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