• Fat-Fingered NFT Investor Loses An Ether Rock Worth $1M

  • A single mistake can change your life forever. This is what happened to an NFT investor who lost an Ether Rock worth $1M. In a tweet, Rock_dust (@dino_dealer) said that the simple error he made cost him his entire net worth.

    Based on the NFT investor’s bio on Twitter, he does love rocks. It says “Just walking around the metaverse picking up rocks then dropping them.” But this one time, he dropped one wrong.

    The NFT investor shared what happened online. In a tweet, he said he made the mistake of listing an Ether Rock for 444 WEI instead of 444 ETH. Then, a bot sniped it in the same block and tried it to flip for 234 ETH. Just like that, he lost his money. He already contacted the Ether customer service to reverse the transactions but as of writing there are no updates yet.

    The community expressed their sympathy to the investor. JuliusCrypto (@JuliusCrypto) told him: “Damn, sorry to hear this man. Hope you get your rock back. Even if you don’t, you have a helluva story to tell! Just remember, in crypto, there is always another opportunity right around the corner.”

    For those who don’t know why an Ether Rock costs so much, it is because of its scarcity. There are only 100 Ether Rock NFTs. Its historical significance also contributes to its value. The Ether Pet Rocks is one of Ethereum’s OG collections launched in 2017.

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