• ” Fearless Girl” Sculptor Kristen Visbal Releases NFT to Pay Legal Fees

  • Kristen Visbal, the famous “Fearless Girl” sculptor, plans to release her NFT series in December. For the past three years she has been in a legal battle with State Street Global Advisors (SSGA). So far, the lawsuit has cost her $3 million in legal fees. Of course, the artist has high hopes for her upcoming NFT collection.

    The bronze sculpture depicts a four-foot-tall girl with her hands on her hips and her chin up. It was installed on International Women’s Day 2017 and popularly represents the empowerment of women.

    The new NFT version will be released in three sets.The main focus of the NFTs will be around the concept of the ‘free fearless girl’. In addition, the NFTs will feature images or videos of the original “Fearless Girl” statue. Today, the sculpture is located across the street from the New York Stock Exchange building.

    ‘Fearless Girl’ sculptor: the lawsuit

    Previously, State Street Global Advisors (SGA) asked Visbal to design the statue. Then, in February 2019, a dispute over the rights to the statue began. The company did not want Visbal to create more versions of ‘Fearless Girl’.

    According to them, “This diminishes the goodwill associated with SSGA’s ‘Fearless Girl’ campaign.” In addition, SSGA claims that Visbal violated the agreement because she created many other versions.

    Anticipating her series Visbal says she is legally entitled to create digital artwork.

    The parties are currently working to reach a settlement. Meanwhile, the next hearing is scheduled for Dec. 13.

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