• Fellowship Launch Photography NFT Auction With Gregory Crewdson And More

  • One of the latest NFT photography marketplaces, Fellowship, has just launched a new auction series. On August 2nd, the group revealed three artworks from the iconic American photographer, Gregory Crewdson. This is the first event of a weekly auction series. The upcoming photographers to be featured are Guy Bourdin, Pieter Hugo, and Laurie Simmons, among others.

    Where can you find Gregory Crewdson’s NFT photographs?

    Starting this month, Gregory Crewdson’s fans can collect his artworks as NFTs via Fellowship. The startup is offering three iconic photographs for auction in a unique virtual exhibition. To clarify, the artworks available are:

    • Untitled, from the “Dream House” series (2002);
    • Woman in Bathroom, from the “Cathedral of the Pines” series (2013);
    • Redemption Center from the “An Eclipse of Moths” series (2019).

    Each artwork features Gregory Crewdson’s signature style inspired by the degrading small American towns. In fact, the artwork “Untitled” features no other than the Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton. The images are both dramatic and familiar, depicting multiple facets of the simple American lifestyle.

    What other artists does Fellowship feature?

    Collectors can find Gregory Crewdson’s NFT artworks for a week. After that, Fellowship will feature a new artist and accompanying NFT photography auctions weekly. The upcoming photographers will be Guy Bourdin, Pieter Hugo, Hank Willis Thomas, and Joel Sternfeld. The list also includes Mitch Epstein, Laurie Simmons, and Katy Grannan.

    Of course, this concept is part of Fellowship’s vision of empowering photographers in the Web3 era. The founders aim to promote as many talented artists as possible by rotating their artworks every week.

    So far, Fellowship has already supported Amy Woodward, Summer Wagner, and Todd Hido, release their artworks on the blockchain.

    What is Fellowship?

    In essence, Fellowship is a new Web3 platform focused on NFT photography. The platform aims to facilitate trading, auctioning, and collecting photographs in the form of NFTs. Their team has developed a rotating exhibition schedule to feature top artists among NFT collectors weekly.

    Nevertheless, Fellowship also hosts permanent NFT collections for photography enthusiasts. All in all, the platform promotes high-quality artworks such as Gregory Crewdson’s in a modern, environmentally-friendly manner.

    “We believe the digital art market is just getting started. We looked around and didn’t see a space that showed up for artists, so we built it. Fellowship is creating new opportunities and best practices for photographers at every stage in their career to create, exhibit, and reach new audiences via the virtual realm,” the project founders said.

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