• First Taiwanese home furnishing company to combine art creation with sofa NFT, taking advantage of the blockchain boom

  • In Taiwan, in addition to the many famous artists who have brought their own halo to this emerging market, food and beverage brands are following suit! Now even the traditional industry is catching on to the NFT trend, and Taiwan’s leading local handmade sofa brand, ZUOYOMIN Sofa, is the “first” home furnishing brand in Taiwan to release NFTs in light of the rising social media buzz about the Yuan Universe. Consumers have the opportunity to acquire a different kind of metaverse collectible artwork.

    As a pioneer in the home furnishing industry, ZUOYOMIN Sofa is a pioneer in the NFT industry, and has entered the metaverse flood. The team did not want to simply present the product, but took advantage of its own professional design team to combine the elements of a hand-painted sofa with a cat and a hand-painted mattress with a chicken, inspired by ZUOYOMIN Sofa’s most popular cat-scratching sofa and brand logo, with a new redesigned image of “Poochy Cat” and “Poochy Chicken”. “The design of the sofa and the mattress is inspired by the brand logo and the cat scratch sofa.

    The first release is expected to take place at 12:00 noon on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2022, on the “OURSONG” platform, with a maximum of 100 units of each product. Only 50 units of each of the 6 sofa models and 2 mattress models will be released, which is a very limited number and is expected to bring a rush of purchases.

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