• Flare Finance Announces Partnership with ForeverLands NFT Games

  • The Flare Finance community has received a bunch of positive updates over the past few weeks, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. In a recent announcement, Flare Finance revealed a new partnership with ForeverLands NFT Games, a strategy game that will allow players to become explorers and find new lands as well as hidden treasures.

    As a creative initiative, ForeverLands plans to use 50% of the total value of sales to purchase the world’s top 1/1 cryptocurrency artwork. These artifacts will then be airdropped to land NFT holders in a piecemeal fashion. With such amazing information already announced about the game, the Flare Finance community has a lot to look forward to.

    ForeverLands has announced that all Delorian NFT holders will receive an exclusive pre-sale event that will see 25% of the total tokens listed for sale. A 20% discount on the token value will also be offered to holders.Flare Finance has successfully completed a $2.1 million sale of Delorian NFT.

    Flare Finance had announced that holders of Delorian NFTs will receive several benefits and exclusive offers. With ForeverLands announcing the partnership within days of the sale, the Flare Finance team has delivered on the community’s expectations.Flare Finance has also launched its Experimental Finance (ExFi) platform on the Songbird network.

    The launch of ExFi

    The experimental financial platform has been launched on the Songbird network. It will be a testing playground for developers, allowing them to test different scenarios and modules. Extensive testing on the ExFi platform will help eliminate bugs or hacks and prevent any vulnerabilities from entering the main network.

    The launch of the ExFi platform is being done in a phased manner. The first phase of the launch was the minting phase, which allowed participants to mint coins by pledging their SGB dollars. This was followed by a liquidity phase, which allowed SGB and CAND holders to begin initiating a FlareX liquidity pool. The final phase is the trading phase, which enables the swap of $CAND and $SGB through FlareX.

    Flare Finance is also offering huge rewards to the participants of the ExFi platform. The purpose behind the huge rewards may be to encourage community members to test the platform to the fullest. A $1 million reward has been set aside for participants. Participants in stablecoin and loans will be entitled to rewards from a $350,000 DFLR pool, while those who participate in yield farming receive a $650,000 DFLR reward pool.

    According to Flare Finance’s Medium post, these rewards will be distributed over a period of 63 days. This is primarily to ensure ongoing testing of the ExFi platform. Once the main network goes live, recipients of the rewards will have to exchange $DFLR for $YFLR.Flare Finance will provide 30 days for this exchange to take place after the Flare network goes live.

    Flare Finance is expected to release a public beta in the next few days.FlareFarm will also be announced soon and it will allow holders of $SGB and $CAND to earn $DFLR.Some F-assets and Y-assets will also be available on the ExFi platform.

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