• Flare Finance to release 7777 DeLorean NFTs, here’s why it’s important to its community

  • Flare Finance, the flagship decentralized financial protocol on the Flare (FLR) blockchain, has released an exclusive NFT series.

    7777 DeLoreans released on Rarible (Flare coming soon!)

    According to an official announcement shared by Flare Finance (the integrated DeFi consortium on Flare), it released 7,777 non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

    This massive drop is available on Rarible, a top-tier ethereum-based digital collectibles marketplace. As the upcoming Flare (FLR) mainnet will be compatible with EVM, all NFTs in this series will be ported to Flare (FLR) upon launch.

    The new release of the collection is for the legendary sports cars of the past. Ideologically, it is set to commemorate the progress of Flare Finance and its community.

    FlareFinance would like to announce the start of the #NFT collection for our loyalists.7,777 Delorian NFTs commemorating our past, present and future events are now available.

    Items for sale now start at 0.1Ethers or $320.

    Limited bonuses available for early birds

    Some of the NFTs in the collection will be distributed by airdrop. To be eligible, Twitter followers of the Flare Finance account should like and retweet the announcement and tag three Flare supporters.

    What makes this campaign special is that holders of the new NFTs will receive various NFT drops, bonuses and benefits in the ecosystem.

    Flare Finance shared plans to launch its mechanism on Songbird (SGB), Flare’s canary network.

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