• Flare: Rival NFT market partnerships will do wonders for the platform

  • The scalable, low-carbon and low-cost Flare blockchain has partnered with the Rival NFT Marketplace as their preferred NFT and DAO token platform. With this, fans who use Rival will be able to enjoy the next level of gaming and fan experience.

    So, how exactly will decentralized smart contract platform Flare enter the NFT gaming space through the Rival NFT Marketplace?

    Synergies between Flare and Rival NFT Marketplace

    Rival NFT Marketplace is a leading enterprise platform for esports, gaming and fan engagement. Through the partnership, fans competing on the Rival platform will be able to leverage Flare’s technology. They can buy, sell, package and engage with NFTs in new ways on Songbird, Flare’s canary network.

    Basically, fans can now interact with their favorite teams on the blockchain and then receive exclusive benefits as a reward. They will be rewarded with games and achievements with Flare’s Songbird and FLR tokens. They will then have access to Flare and Songbird’s native Bifrost wallets to seamlessly access their rewards. Additionally, they can choose to exchange these rewards for tickets, game passes, NFTs, and branded customer merchandise.

    Matt Virtue, CEO of Rival, said, “The partnership with Flare allows Rival to expand its ecosystem and NFT capabilities for our customers, including sports, brands and media. This partnership enhances Rival’s ecosystem and provides additional engagement and community building leverage to one of the fastest growing audience segments in the world.”

    Meanwhile, Hugo Philion, CEO and co-founder of Flare, also believes that this “partnership is a perfect match.” He asserts that “eSports have exploded in the last few years and most of the world’s major sports organizations are now looking for opportunities in the game.” A game is only as good as the community that supports it, so creating an immersive fan experience is a top priority.

    For more information on the partners

    Through its proprietary technology, Rival connects esports and gaming fans with sports teams, leagues, brands and media properties.The NFT market boasts an impressive lineup of partners from two continents. In fact, its partners include the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes and the NBA’s Detroit Pistons. As a result, it excels as an enterprise platform solution for acquiring new customers and driving brand engagement.

    At the same time, Flare adapts to the shift in cryptocurrency and NFT scenarios to a more sustainable way of doing business. Its low carbon footprint allows fans to enjoy all the benefits without the environmental costs. On the technical side, the platform’s native token Spark (FLR) allows it to unlock great value across different ecosystems and blockchain communities. We can clearly see this in its partnership with the Rival NFT Marketplace.

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