• Flokimooni launches a decentralized platform with an NFT gaming metaverse

  • Flokimooni has launched a decentralized platform with an NFT gaming meta zone, an NFT and commodity marketplace, and a Dex & Launchpad platform.Flokimooni is bigger than cryptocurrency. It is a revolution, or correctly put, an unstoppable movement. This means that a community of Flokimoonies is executing the project. This community is unique and different in terms of the amount of action and effort being injected into the project. More importantly, the project is derived from Shiba Inu’s meme-based tokens. members and enthusiasts of Shiba Inu are fully responsible for its creation.

    Problems being solved by Flokimooni

    Many projects are hyped up with various designs, phrases and promises, however, instead of delivering what they promise, they become a scam. This is why they crafted and designed the project. flokimooni was designed to offer something that no one else was offering. The lack of public access and use of the product is another issue that plagues many. Many projects also lack the community to support the vision of the founders.

    How does it address this problem?

    To overcome the aforementioned challenges, the project has a strong community that supports it at every step of development. Another outstanding issue is the combination of the best meme features and utility tokens that bring a unique DeFi ecosystem. Finally, the project has the most stylish and unique features that are rarely seen in the cryptocurrency space. It is a project, but has different goals to achieve.

    The project has three flagship entities or goals

    A Dex and launch pad

    It will require the creation of an exchange platform and launchpad to facilitate the development of diverse or new projects. Through this, the community is allowed to be the benchmark investor for the best upcoming projects in the cryptocurrency space.

    NFT Games for the metaspace

    Flokimooni World is a Metaverse NFT game that uses Flokimooni NFT to make money. Here, gamers have the ability to benefit from fun, profit, and ownership. The gameplay and earnings include being rewarded. What’s more, the experts behind the game’s flagship have been working on the game for several years. They have developed unique mainstream games that have not disappointed as a result.

    Market Goods

    There will be about 10,000 random NFTs minted and released to the marketplace. Early community members will benefit from the Genesis drop. Also known as Diamond Hands, ERC-721 formatted tokens will be offered to initial buyers and first airdrop recipients.

    With the combination of Flokimoonies with the aforementioned utility, the project intends to revolutionize and top 100+ cryptocurrency projects. The token is decentralized and has DeFi capabilities. With the entry of Flokimooni, there has never been more excitement in the world of Meme digital coins than now. Within a very short period of time, it has been around and all the predictions and forecasts have proven to be true. The record shows that the project has excellent traction for unwavering organic growth. All of this can be reflected in the commitment and supportive approach of the community behind the project.

    The three pillars that underpin Flokimooni

    Stealth Launch

    Community Oriented

    Super dedicated team and management

    Hidden Start

    After a week of social media advertising or promotion, the project offered equal opportunity for all investors to participate. Investors were not affected by the pre-sales process, which was somehow unfair. This meant that anyone could participate, regardless of their status or experience.

    A dedicated management team

    The management is actively approaching the project roadmap with care and due diligence until its realization. They are keen to embrace emerging technological advances to refine the project. Stakeholders are an important part of the project and therefore management is working around the established timelines.


    Unlike many other projects, a very strong community has played a very important role in its rapid take-off. This community is made up of diverse expertise, skills and experience. Without the involvement of the community, no step would have been achieved.

    Buy Flokimooni

    Are you worried about how to buy or get tokens? Well, there’s no need to now. Here is the process.

    Trusted Wallet Installation

    First, you must create your wallet. This can be done from your laptop, desktop or mobile phone. There are some instructions to follow, so this won’t be difficult.


    After creating a wallet, you should purchase a smartchain BNB. highlight BNB and press the button to purchase the required amount via bank account or debit card. the Binance smartchain uses both transaction fees and the BNB currency needed for the purchase.

    Pancakeswap Connection

    After completing the above process, connect the created wallet to Pancakeswap via your desired device (such as a desktop or mobile phone). Go to your browser and click on pancakeswap.finance, then click on the “Connect Wallet” button.

    Change the BNB to Flokimooni

    Once you are in Pancakeswap, set the slippage to 12% by going to the options menu. From here you can add Flokimooni’s contract address and swap BNB to Flokimooni.After completing this process, follow the prompts or instructions to access Flokimooni’s balance directly through your wallet.


    P1: Launch of website, deployment of contract, Pancakeswap launch, post-launch marketplace, and 2,000 telegraph participants

    P2: Whitepaper, listing on Coinmarketcap, and 2,000 target token holders.

    P3: Partnership participation, launch of rewards program, Apple Giveaway, access to 10,000 token holders.

    P4: Go public on CEX, work with key partners, bring in celebrities/influencers, get 50,000 token holders and donate to charity/dog shelters.

    P5: Launch Dex, build launchpad platform, launch genesis collection/NFT drop, build Market place, and release game beta (game to make money).

    Token Economics

    Here is a brief overview of how tokens are utilized

    50% of the total supply will be burned, while the other 50% will be locked in a pancake exchange (LP) for 100 years. There will be a 10% tax breakdown as follows, 6% marketing, 3% holder, and 1% liquidity.

    NFT, which was only used for experimental purposes, has jumped into the mainstream cryptocurrency industry.Flokimooni is one of the latest NFT projects that will revolutionize the cryptocurrency world and become a game changer. Its uniqueness is based on the dedication, expertise and experience of the community and management team.

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