• Fluf Haus World Event At SXSW Was A Huge Success

  • The FLUF Haus World Event: SXSW XR Edition held last March 12-13 in Austin, Texas was a major success! The event highlighted the importance of protecting the open metaverse. It also created an environment that allowed participants to network and have fun as they learn and discuss essential topics about Web3.

    The two days’ discussions, concerts, workshops were open to SXSW badge holders and The FLUF Community. Over 1,200 guests were able to go to the three geodesic domes: FLUF Dome, Beyond Dome, and ASM Dome. The domes hosted Virtual Reality (VR) Chats, table discussions, metaverse interoperability deep dives, and artist workshops.

    The Fluf Haus World Event Led to Deep Dive Discussions about Web3

    Participants enjoyed the program including ‘Women Rocking Web3’ featuring, Tanya Sam, Jessica Manins, Avery Akkineni, Amanda Archer and Verite. Then, an Interactive Music Session with Mike Shinoda. Finally, to a deep dive on imagining a sustainable metaverse featuring Jan Czaplicki, Virginia Salas Kastillio, Josh Thompson and Paul Taylor.

    FLUF World’s founders Alex Smeele, Jesse Metcalfe, and Brooke Howard-Smith also hosted discussions that features leading metaverse thinkers all over the globe. Together with industry leaders, they signed a pledge for the first-ever Metaverse Constitution.

    In the evening, guests had a blast during a sensory sound and visual experience from Young & Sick. FLUF World remade the Young & Sick FLUF Village experience in AR on Snapchat. Users were able to hear and see Young & Sick’s exclusive NFT scene and sound drop.

    Snapchat users were also able to walk into the FLUF Village. More than that, they entered the draw for four NFTs from the FLUF, Altered State Machine, Party Bear and Seekers, worth tens of thousands of dollars.

    If you miss out on the event in person, you can check out the livestream on the FLUF World website.

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