• FLUF World to Host FLUF Haus at Art Basel

  • Sold-out collections and OpenSea sensation FLUF World will connect the Met and the physical realm with the launch of FLUF Haus. Interactive and exclusive events at Art Basel celebrate the launch of the latest incarnation of FLUF World at the Met, ushering in the next generation of art collectibles.

    In just three months, FLUF World has sold over $75 million in NFTs. in fact, its Genesis series of 10,000 bunny heads, aka FLUFs, has been a huge success. The community wiped out the entire series in 40 minutes during a price drop event on August 7 of last year. So now it’s on a mission to create the most open, inclusive and creative community for artists, collaborators and FLUF owners.

    Why should I be excited about FLUF Haus?

    FLUF World has become a leader in the field of new meta-media. As such, the FLUF Haus event will showcase the vibrant art and sound from over two dozen artists and musicians.

    Only FLUF Haus attendees will have access to the first limited edition FLUF Haus scenes and sounds. You’ll want to get your hands on these, as there are only 400 pieces available for the Art Basel Miami edition. The current scenes and sounds are available on the secondary market for anywhere from $500 to $5,000, so the community is already buzzing with excitement. In addition, members of FLUF Haus will be granted access to join the Fluf community. By doing so, they will be eligible for updates, access to product placement and future events.

    The team’s goal is to host over 200 international artists at the premiere of FLUF Haus. The founders hope that attendees will contribute and ultimately share their new artistic experiences in the meta-universe.FLUF World has also announced that tickets for FLUF VIP pass holders who are unable to attend can be donated to local artists in the Miami area.

    Aaron McDonald, co-founder of FLUF World, reiterated the priority of the NFT program.” For all the commercial successes and technological firsts, our greatest achievement is our vibrant, welcoming community.”

    For more information about FLUF World

    NFT collections of humanoid rabbits or FLUFs have been procedurally generated from 270 properties in 14 categories. As such, they have a uniqueness with at least three degrees of separation. This does not include their expressions, dances, scenes, or soundtracks.

    In addition to being avatars, FLUFs can also serve as a ticket to a world of exclusive content. nft holders will soon be able to enjoy exclusive music, events, meta-universe avatars and a whole host of bundled content. In addition, ownership of a FLUF NFT grants commercial rights to the character. As a result, NFT holders have full decision and control over the release. In addition, they can download Fluf NFT in MP4, GIF and PNG formats, and 3D models will be available soon.

    The event will take place on December 4, 2021 at 9pm ET at the Freehand Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

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