• FLUF World Announce New FLUF Ecosystem NFTs, A Racing Game And More

  • Despite BAYC being all the rage now, another blue-chip NFT project – FLUF World is quietly building up its momentum. In this article, we will review the new Fluf ecosystem NFTs, a racing game release, and more.

    New FLUF Ecosystem NFTs: The Seekers and Goblin Town

    FLUF World, together with its partners Party Bear and Altered State Machine (ASM), are collaborating with Sylo to launch The Seekers NFT. According to Sylo, Seekers are metaverse-ready 3D animated robots, acting as communication nodes in an open metaverse. Anyone who owns a Seeker and runs a Sylo node will receive $SYLO tokens as rewards.

    At this point, you must be asking: What’s Sylo? And why does it matter?

    Actually, Sylo is an incentivized node network where any wallet address can communicate with other wallet addresses/NFTs/smart contracts. This is important, as it helps FLUF to build an open metaverse that is interoperable with other NFTs. Additionally, Seekers’ owners will get incentives for holding their NFTs while supporting the Sylo network.

    Now, to get Seeker, you will need to mint Beacon, an NFT that calls your Seeker to return. As part of the collaboration, FLUF, Party Bear and ASM Brain holders will get exclusive whitelist spots to mint Beacon.

    However, the minting mechanism works a bit differently from regular NFT mints. For Beacons, the drop price is set at 0.10101 ETH, with a starting supply at 50,000. But once the mint begins, Goblins from Goblin Town will start capturing Seekers in the wild. Thus, reducing the amount of Beacon that can be minted over time.

    Anyway, rumor has it that the drop will take place this month. If you wish to know more, be sure to join The Seekers’ AMA session Tuesday (22 March) on their Discord channel.

    A Car Racing Game by ATEM Car Club

    Seems like a car racing game is coming to FLUF World! ATEM Car Club recently posted a teaser video, featuring a FLUF bunny in a car race against his human friend, accompanied by Thingie. Unfortunately, not many details are available about the game.

    Party Packs and Big Names Collaborations

    Lastly, Party Packs are coming soon. These capsules contain all you need to party in the metaverse: sounds, wearables, dance moves, and party venues. At the time of writing, American DJ Dillon Francis and German musician Boys Noize have already onboarded the project. Speculations are high, that a few more big names such as Mike Shinoda, Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, and Eminem might join forces too.

    Since its launch in August last year, the FLUF community has been thriving with multiple IRL events hosted, including a recent 4-day experience in SXSW and FLUF Haus event in LA. Given the many exciting developments, 2022 might prove to be another banner year for FLUF World. Meanwhile, just sit tight and get ready for the blast!

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