• Football Team Como 1907 Launches Amazing Charity NFT Auction

  • Como 1907, the Italian football team is launching a unique NFT charity auction. This once-in-a-lifetime auction runs until April 30th on OpenSea and includes some fantastic prizes. Additionally, the auction proceeds are going to the charity organization, EMERGENCY. Significantly, they offer free care to all victims of war, landmines and poverty.

    The winner of the NFT will receive free lifetime tickets to matches in the VIP section and a once-in-a-lifetime Lake Como travel package. Notably, Lake Como is known worldwide for its stunning views and dramatic scenery, in the foothills of the Alps. Reportedly, the bidding for the NFT starts at 2 ETH ($2730), and Como 1907 tells us that the value of the prizes exceeds over $100,000.

    The famous Italian football club in Serie B was born in 1907. Hailing from the Lombardy region of Italy, they have an icon stadium with mountains towering over the pitch.

    Como 1907 NFT is about helping others.

    What’s more, Como 1907 wanted to do something different with their NFT and decided to focus on charity over profit. Dennis Wise, chief executive officer of Como 1907, stated, “Sports franchises have a significant influence on our society and a tremendous responsibility. We are hoping to use this blockchain technology to make a difference for those who need it most,” continued Wise. “Our Como NFT may change hands over the years with EMERGENCY will benefit with every transaction.”

    The Como 1907 NFT is “tribuna d’onore a vita” (or “VIP tickets for life”). In fact, it focuses on the history and culture of the Como football club and the city. Overall the exciting charity NFT includes

    Lifetime tickets to matches.
    Exclusive travel experience in Como and roundtrip first-class airfare from anywhere.
    Football match experience, including Como 1907 stadium tour, VIP seating for the game, and seat-side food and drink.
    Four nights at the five-star Grand Hotel Tremezzo.
    Dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, a tour of Lake Como by boat and seaplane.
    Wine tasting.
    An evening at the Italian theatre.

    Finally, this is an exciting NFT auction, and, incredibly, it is all going to charity. Also, in the future, Como 1907 is planning to release more NFTs.

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