• For Women’s Month, Rarible Continues To Bridge The NFT Gender Gap

  • Over the past year, NFTs have created tonnes of opportunities for emerging creatives. While the industry is booming, only 16% of NFT creators are women. Such statistics reveal the NFT gender gap. Thankfully, companies like Rarible aim to change all that.

    Rarible has focused heavily on empowering female-led projects. This is because the company wants to ensure that these voices are heard. Furthermore, the NFT marketplace wants to continue to equip female creators with the tools they need to succeed.

    Rarible’s support of women-led initiatives

    A clear example is Rarible’s support of the Women Rise NFT collection; a collection of 10,000 randomly generated and unique NFT art pieces created by Maliha Abidi. Rarible invested heavily in promoting the launch of Women Rise through various initiatives.

    These included re-releasing collection statistics to generate excitement and proactively removing the carbon footprint for all Women Rise collection trades on the market. Additionally, Rarible hosted a media and partner brunch at Art Basel to honour Women Rise and women in the NFT space.

    Metafemale and AllBright Meta are two other initiatives. Metafemale launched on International Women’s Day. One of its perks is that NFT holders can access a private metaverse club for female NFT entrepreneurs. On the other hand, AllBright Meta is a well-known women’s network that is launching an HQ in Decentraland.

    What else is the company doing to empower women?

    Masha Vyazemskaya, head of communications at Rarible, comments on the company’s work towards gender equality: “In tandem with our support of female NFT creators, we also champion women leadership within our organization. Alongside myself as the head of communications, Rarible has recruited stellar women to help pioneer our initiatives.”

    She continued, “We are on a mission to continuously support the groundbreaking women that have contributed so much to our platform and the NFT ecosystem as a whole. One way we do so is by promoting female-led projects on Rarible.”

    Through this work, Rarible is quickly becoming a leader in bridging the NFT gender gap. Only by supporting women’s work and promoting women to senior positions can the NFT sphere achieve true gender parity.

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