• Fractional NFT Real Estate Platform Goes Live at Polygon

  • The NFT real estate platform has been launched by Futurent on the Polygon network.

    Soon, the NFTs platform will also be launched on several other blockchain networks.

    Futurent plans to allow its customers to buy luxury cars via cryptocurrency

    The NFT or Non-Fungible Token industry has grown tremendously since the beginning of this year. The volume of digital collectibles traded remains surprisingly high. With this crypto token boom, several crypto asset exchanges have launched their own marketplaces for NFTs. Most recently, Futurent, a blockchain-powered rental and trading platform for real estate, luxury cars, luxury boats, and other goods, launched the world’s first true fractional NFT real estate platform. In fact, by launching the platform on the Polygon blockchain network, Futurent is out to prove itself as a pioneer in the space.

    Fractional NFT real estate on several blockchains

    Futurent has launched Fractional NFT real estate on the highly scalable Polygon blockchain. According to the company, they chose Polygon for users looking for a low rate network solution. However, it was revealed that the platform will soon be available on several other blockchains as well.

    On the blockchain network, the NFTs platform will allow everyone to buy or sell fractions of non-forgeable token real estate. In effect, a piece of property can be shared by several interested buyers.

    Trade cryptocurrency for luxury cars and boats

    Futurent, also cited its goal to provide its users with the ability to purchase luxury cars through cryptocurrency assets. To ensure the security of its customers, the company will use its DeFi protocol that facilitates NFT. In addition to integrating cryptocurrency exchange for luxury cars and boats, its revolutionary platform will also allow users to invest, sell, buy or lease real estate and luxury vehicles.

    To do so, users can use Futurent’s local crypto token, the FUTR token. Notably, the FUTR token has lower fueling fees and more rewards for traders. Furthermore, to provide security, the company will own each property and share ownership between owners through NFT Brick.

    Users can enjoy additional benefits

    Futurent doesn’t stop at offering fractional NFT real estate. To benefit its users, the blockchain-powered program is planning to offer them the potential to earn up to 120% APR over a flexible monthly, quarterly or annual lock-in period. Users who use their FUTR as collateral for flexible savings can also get the chance to win an NFT lottery, which is paired with a reward. Such rewards include a luxury trip to Burj Al Arab or a premium car including a Lamborghini. In addition, Futurent will soon add luxury yachts to the NFT lottery package as well.

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