• Friends With You NFTs Rethink Their Pricing Strategy After Harsh Backlash

  • After receiving backlash from supporters, Friends With You rethink their NFT collection pricing strategy. At this time, the public sale Dutch Auction price will start at 4.2 ETH and decrease 0.1 every 30 minutes. While a collection of 10,000 AI/AR cloud buddies might be pricey to develop, buyers are reluctant to pay such a hefty fee for their personal Friendsies. As more projects push the limits on “a fair mint price” users voice their concerns.

    Friends Rethink NFT Pricing

    The set mint date for the collection falls on the 26th of this month. Nine mint passes will be auctioned on the 26th giving lucky holders early access to the character builder. Once each of the nine has created their friendsies, they will receive a 4′ bronze sculptor of their own design.

    The Dutch auction at this moment is set for Saturday, April 2nd, where the remaining 8,765 Friendsies are to sell at a starting price of 4.2ETH. Following immense backlash over Friendsies high mint price, Friends With You addressed the problem Via Twitter.

    “We have taken your feedback into consideration and will be making changes. we take any and all suggestions seriously and appreciate your care for the space.” -Friends With You Team

    Friends With You “tries to develop a Web3 based community powered by love, good vibes, and friendship”. Yet as of now, the project seems to run on overpriced auctions. So while project supporters wait for pricing updates, users are on edge considering the influx in cash grabs involving NFT projects. However, a fine line has emerged as high NFT priced collections might be coming to an abrupt end.

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