• FTX is creating a sports and entertainment marketplace with an NFT focus

  • Cryptocurrency exchange FTX announced Monday that it is launching an NFT marketplace for well-known sports and entertainment brands.

    FTX is partnering with entertainment company Dolphin Entertainment to create the marketplace. Dolphin’s subsidiaries include several prominent PR firms from different industries, including 42West, Shore Fire Media and The Door.

    The marketplace will focus on brands in the film, television, music, gaming, eSports, culinary, lifestyle and charity industries, FTX said in a tweet.

    “We are impressed by Dolphin’s reach and scale in all areas of pop culture,” said Brett Harrison, President of FTX.US.” We are excited to build a market with Dolphin due to their ability to access content and intellectual property, and also because they are a leader in public relations and influencer marketing in every major vertical of the entertainment industry.”

    This is not the company’s first NFT venture.FTX launched a digital collectibles marketplace on June 3 that allows users to buy, sell and hold these collectibles, as well as withdraw tokens to their personal wallets.

    The cryptocurrency exchange closed its Series B funding round on July 20, raising $900 million from more than 60 investors. The fundraising valued FTX at $18 billion, according to the company.

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