• FTX Announces Partnership with Dreamfield Sports

  • FTX, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange partnered with Dreamfield Sports, allowing athletes to receive payments in crypto. Dreamfield allows collegiate to earn money from their Name, Image and Likeness (‘NIL’).

    Through the platform, Dreamfield connects young athletes to commercial brands via smart contracting events. Through Dreamfield’s exchange brands may select the athletes they wish to collaborate with.

    FTX enjoyed moderate growth in 2021. FTX US was recently valued at $8 billion in the first funding round.

    Athletes Access FTX Card

    Under the new partnership with Dreamfield. athletes will be able to receive crypto payments and use the FTX card. Athletes from major division 1 institutions and athletes across the US via the Dreamfield platform.

    The FTX card (Swipe Visa Debit Card) is connected to the athlete’s FTX US trading account. Any payments made with the FTX card will be deducted from the balance of the FTX US account.

    In that manner, athletes can pay for goods and services using their own FTX card. Dreamfield will offer consulting services and endorsements. FTX Pay and FTX Card are integrated into the Dreamfield platform.

    Dreamfield CEO, Luis Pardilo said the following on the partnership with FTX, “This will be the first time that an athlete platform will be fully integrated on the blockchain for paying athletes in cryptocurrency directly into their FTX account. This is significant because through our comprehensive partnership with FTX we are bringing a totally new financial technology utility tool to Dreamfield and our athletes that they can use well beyond their playing days and into their professional endeavors, all while exposing fans to blockchain technology and NFT’s through unique fan engagement and experiences.”

    Exclusive NFTs in FTX Marketplace

    Lionel Williamson, FTX Business Development Manager said, “In partnership with Dreamfield, FTX Pay will be ushering in a new wave of cryptocurrency investors by teaching collegiate athletes about the financial benefits of cryptocurrency investing. Giving athletes different options and financial education in a safe and secure, non-predatory environment through the Dreamfield and FTX platforms is extremely important to everyone involved in the FTX Champions Program.”

    Collegiate athletes will offered personal sessions to understand the concept of investing through the blockchain.

    “One of the things I’m excited about with this partnership are all of the fans and alumni that are 18 and older that are going to be introduced to NFTs for the first time. With the new Dreamfield experiences through University Specific Organizations like Mission Control UCF, fans of athletes will be able to interact with each other, be introduced to new community engagements where fans and athletes can co-exist and each member of these groups will be airdropped an exclusive NFT that’s associated with that fan base. All NFTs will be minted on the Solana blockchain and available on the FTX Marketplace” states Jake Hoving, Business Development Manager at Dreamfield.

    FTX spot trading volumes reached $719,000,000,000 in 2021, which marks a +2,400% increase (approx.) over 2020. The strategic partnership with Dreamfield enables the exchange to broaden its reach.

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