• Funky Shrooms looks to change the NFT space – Product Releases and Updates

  • NFTs are still new in the blockchain-based crypto economy. However, NFTs have continued to gain the attention of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world. Many consider NFTs to be the center of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

    However, the Funky Shrooms project brings a unique and different twist to this rapidly emerging field. Compared to other NFT projects, Funky Shrooms takes a unique and different idea as its starting point. The project has undergone extensive research with a view to revolutionizing the NFT space.

    The project highlights some of the challenges faced by NFT, such as.

    There are about 10,000 NFTs today, most of which are based on generative art. How to stay relevant and. How to keep the user’s attention over a longer period of time is difficult. This is also because of the low demand and high offer for projects like this one. A prime example of this is projects involving pre-sale campaigns, whitelists, etc.

    We see many NFT projects doing pre-sale launches, whitelisting, public sales, etc. These large events only sustain the project for a period of time.NFT projects will make huge sales at such large events. However, if the project is not properly maintained after such events, users are at high risk of losing their money.

    Funky Shrooms is bridging this gap with its unique NFT concept.The NFT project plans to feature 1025 hand-painted, super cute mushrooms.Funky Shrooms NFT artists will spend about 20-30 minutes working on each mushroom.

    Genesis Family and Forest Mushrooms

    The number 1025 has a unique significance to the Funky Mushroom Project. This is because 25 mushrooms come from the Genesis family, while the remaining 1000 come from the forest. These are the two categories of funky mushrooms.

    In addition, each mushroom in the Funky Mushroom Project has a “cap point”. The cap points mark how closely a particular mushroom is related to the Genesis family. Cap points are usually numbered from 0-8. The fewer the cap points, the more closely the mushroom is related to the creation family. Another important feature to note is that only mushrooms from the forest have tiers. These tiers are usually numbered from 1-5. These tiers also represent the intelligence of the particular mushroom. A tier 5 mushroom with 0 cap points is a super, super rare mushroom.

    How to get mushrooms

    Funky Shroom releases mushrooms to people on a daily basis. Only people with characters on the Funky Shroom Discord channel will be notified of new listings. There are currently three characters on the Discord channel. These characters include Master, Wizard, and God.

    New users can also enter the roles in several ways. To become a Mushroom Master, interested parties need to have at least one Funky Mushroom NFT. and to become a Mushroom Wizard or God, users also need to have at least 3 and 5 Funky Mushroom NFTs respectively.

    Funky Mushroom.

    Users can also earn Shroomies by participating in discussions, quizzes, etc. on the project’s Discord channel.Shroomies are the community currency of the Funky Shroom project.

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