• Fvckrender is building a real skate park, funded entirely by NFT

  • Popular NFT creator and Twitter influencer Fvckrender has a major announcement to make. In a tweet to their 116,000 followers, Fvckrender announced the construction of a fully NFT-funded indoor skate park.

    The NFT community is notoriously kind. The space brings people together, gives others a purpose, and helps many gain incredible wealth.Fvckrender is a huge NFT collector, with CryptoPunks and BAYC in their collection.In addition to collecting, Fcvkrender is also the hugely popular FVCK_CRYSTAL// series creator.

    In addition, Fvckrender is very generous, often buying the work of smaller creators and giving them a platform. Now, the self-proclaimed “world-wide, full-time professional Degen” is turning their attention to building the world’s first NFT skatepark.

    In a tweet, Fvckrender announced, “I will be building this indoor skatepark that is completely funded by NFT. I’m currently looking for an artist who would like to contribute their art to help us build this. Or anyone who wants to get involved, please manifest.”

    However, not everyone will be able to visit, as the skate park will be in Vancouver, Canada. However, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a virtual visit to the NFT skate park.

    So far, this tweet has received a lot of positive feedback and many people are interested in participating in this fascinating project. Interestingly, Fvckrender also says that they will “build a DAO so the holder owns the park.” An NFT skate park is a very intriguing project. Considering how popular skateboarding is worldwide, it will be interesting to see how it develops.

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