• Galaxy Fight Club Raises $7M, Building the first IP PVP Game for the Metaverse

  • Galaxy Fight Club, the first cross-IP PvP game for the Metaverse, successfully raised $7 million! Industry giants Animoca Brands, Sequoia India and Skyvision Capital led the seed and private sale. This gives the project an extra boost to bring its vision to life: building a truly open ecosystem with interoperable digital items.

    Additional backers and partners include The Chernin Group, YGG SEA, Spartan Capital, Sfermion and Kucoin Labs. Notable angel investors including Kevin Lin of Twitch, Kun Gao of Crunchyroll and Matt Finick of ROBLOX and Marvel Studios also participated. For the full list of investors, you can check the official announcement.

    Galaxy Fight Club: Super Smash Bros of the Metaverse

    So what exactly attracted venture capitalists and backers to invest in Galaxy Fight Club?

    The edge of Galaxy Fight Club is its cross-chain compatibility. Basically, players will be able to log in and battle with the NFTs that they own, such as a Bored Ape or a Cryptoadz. The project has been doing well in terms of onboarding Collectibles on the platform. BullsontheBlock, TheAlienBoyNFT, Cryptopunks, Cool Cats, Animetas, BridgeMutual, Wicked Craniums, Illuvium and CyberKongz are all compatible with the game. This model is unique because players own their IP instead of the company.

    In short, the project connects other IPs to its ecosystem, making it the “Super Smash Bros” of the Metaverse!

    Galaxy Fight Club’s Founder Ado elaborated what sets the game apart:

    “In Ready Player One there are different planets with different experiences and players hop between each planet with their avatars. At the moment most P2E games are still turn-based and not that enjoyable. Galaxy Fight Club is fun-to-play first, play-to-earn second. In the future we see Galaxy Fight Club as that go-to planet for PvP experiences known for fighting, combat and excitement.”*

    Meanwhile, TCG Partner Jarrod Dicker asserted that Galaxy Fight Club is pioneering two major trends coming to crypto gaming. First is the utility of PFP NFTs, then making play-to-earn games more fun. He added, “Galaxy Fight Club is creating a new value for these communities by presenting a fun way to leverage their favorite projects.”

    Other Milestones

    The investment is very timely because Galaxy Fight Club has been stepping up its user acquisition efforts. The project partnered with the leading top-tier guilds in the play-to-earn gaming scene. It now counts Yield Guild Games (YGG SEA), Avocado Guild, Perion, PATH DAO, and Polemos as partners.

    Guilds are crucial because they support the ecosystem and player base of play-to-earn games by purchasing gaming assets and loaning them. It allows players who might not have the means to buy these premium NFTs to play the game.

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