• GameFI and My Master War Prepare for IGO’s Launch

  • GameFi, the play-to-earn gaming platform, is proud to announce the first game release (IGO) of “My Master War”. It’s a free-to-play, play-to-earn symphony of strategy, warfare, and outright megalomania.

    The initial game release is October 4, and GameFi will be releasing more information in the coming days, including details on whitelist registration and $MAT token sales. Until then, interested parties can pass the time with their enticing promotional material.

    My Master War is a multi-faceted gaming experience featuring two key phases of game immersion. The initial phase sees gamers embark on a grand strategic warfare mechanic, fighting in the Middle Ages. The task is to build armies, develop cunning strategies, and overthrow opposing generals.

    In addition, a second element involves players traveling through space and time as they evolve into all powerful deities. It leads to the escape of a genocidal empire building, something never before seen in the cryptocurrency space.

    However, the really powerful selling point is the game’s money-making mechanic. To clarify, the team is pushing full steam ahead with a free-to-play money-making strategy.GameFi will set the title’s entry point at zero, giving everyone a fair chance to get in on the action.

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