• GameStop’s New NFT Marketplace May Include Microsoft

  • Microsoft is the latest major company to appear in rumors around GameStop and its upcoming NFT marketplace. This follows the recent news of a major partnership between GameStop and Immutable.

    Will Microsoft feature in the plans for the GameStop NFT marketplace?

    To sum up, GameStop stock prices surged around Feb. 8 due to the Microsoft rumors. Notably, this was within a week of GameStop and Immutable announcing their major partnership. At that time, the two companies announced a $100 million grant program to push forward the field of gaming NFTs.

    All in all, people seemed to believe that Microsoft would also look to jump on the hype that GameStop has been generating ever since confirming plans for its NFT Marketplace. By the same token, people have been waiting for Microsoft to make moves into the NFT gaming space. Especially since it acquired the game company, Activision Blizzard.

    Indeed, there have been different reports of execs from both Immutable and Microsoft hinting at a possible team-up with GameStop. In particular, some attentive Twitter users pointed to Yorke Rhodes III, Microsoft’s director of Blockchain.

    Around the time of the Immutable news, Twitter users widely shared screenshots of a tweet from Rhodes. To clarify, he was reacting to the news of Immutable and GameStop working together with the popular NFT meme, “probably nothing”. What’s more, Rhodes tagged Xbox, Microsoft, and GameStop in the tweet. Whether or not Rhodes’ tweet really does point to Microsoft’s involvement with GameStop’s NFT plans is still unknown.

    The last major rumors around GameStop’s NFT marketplace involved AMC Entertainment back in December. However, as of yet, no news confirming those rumors has come from either company. Either way, there’s bound to be more action on the rumor mill as GameStop gets closer to finally releasing the NFT marketplace that has been in the works for months at this point.

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