• Gao Lingfeng’s New Year’s Eve film “Fu Hu Sheng Feng” nft goes up for auction

  • The nft maker, jaliclee, has uploaded “Fu Fu Fu Sheng Feng” with a fixed label of 2ETH, a series of songs left by Gao Lingfeng in his lifetime, “Fu Fu Fu Sheng Feng”, a song for the Year of the Tiger!

    In 2010, the year of the tiger, which is the 39th year of the Republic of China and Gao Lingfeng’s birth year, famous composer Huang Renqing invited director Wang Minghui to write the lyrics for Gao Lingfeng’s song “Fu Hu Sheng Feng”. mv was filmed by Tian Xiang Film’s young director Wang Chengyu.

    Wong Yan-ching and director Wong Ming-wai have collaborated on a complete set of “12 Chinese New Year” songs, which will be released year by year and as a complete set.

    Huang Renqing is a Taiwanese national lyricist and songwriter, with hundreds of hits to his name: “The God of Fortune Arrives”, “Burn the Firebird”, “Children of Purgatory”, “Grassland Pastoral”, “You’re Beautiful”, and the only Minnan song: “Expecting to Meet Again”, which has become a classic farewell song!

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