• Gary Vaynerchuk Just Paid $3.7 Million in Ether for a CryptoPunk NFT

  • Gary Vaynerchuk – wine blogger, media mogul, and perfect cryptocurrency buddy – just spent 1,600 Ether on CryptoPunk NFT. That’s about $3.7 million.

    CryptoPunks are among the oldest and most valuable NFTs: cryptocurrency collectibles that can be bought and sold as proof of ownership of documents on the internet. The images themselves are tiny, pixelated photos meant to be used as avatars on social media platforms. There are only 10,000 of them in total, each with a random collection of features, some rarer and more valuable than others.

    Here’s the deal on Etherscan.

    The buyer is gary.veefriends.eth – an ENS domain that serves as a shortcut to one of Gary’s wallets, and the seller is someone who owns the ENS domain “grunar.eth”.

    Vaynerchuk appears to have confirmed the purchase in a tweet.

    Vaynerchuk is a longtime fan of all things cryptocurrency. He even launched his own NFT franchise.” VeeFriends.”

    In an interview with us earlier this year, Vaynerchuk said that success in the NFT space won’t be defined by quick cash grabs or flashy investments.

    “For me,” he said, “success [in NFTs] is only as good as my ability to execute over the next few decades and build one that really makes sense.” I’m making like Scooby-Doo, Smurfs, that’s big big. And I really think I can.”

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