• Gary Vee’s innovative NFT giveaway drives his book sales

  • Gary Vee’s new book Twelve and a Half has over a million pre-orders – and it’s all thanks to a brilliant NFT strategy. The rules are simple: for every dozen books sold (within the first 24 hours), you get a free VeeFriends NFT!

    As a result, Twelve and a Half quickly became a bestseller. Amazingly, many buyers pre-ordered hundreds of copies at once!

    Gary Vaynerchuck: a best-selling NFT creator

    If Gary Vaynerchuck stands out for anything this year, it’s definitely his NFT series, VeeFriends. The project was an instant success, with some digital doodles selling for over $1 million.

    This week, Gary Vee is offering everyone a chance to win a VeeFriends NFT in exchange for buying a dozen copies of his new book “Twelve and a Half.”

    The offer turned into a real frenzy as the author managed to surpass one million copies in less than 24 hours. It’s an impressive achievement that few contemporary authors can boast of, he said.

    Gary Vaynerchuck has published several books before, including “The Thank You Economy.” He is officially known as a New York Times bestselling author, but none of his previous works have been as sensationally successful as “Twelve and a Half.”

    No one can be sure, however, whether the book would have been as successful if not for the NFT’s offer. After all, one buyer pre-ordered up to 1,000 copies to get as many VeeFriends NFTs as possible.

    VeeFriends: an NFT masterpiece by Gary Vee

    Gary Vaynerchuck is thriving in many areas and the NFT market is no exception. His first series, VeeFriends, launched with 10,255 uncounterfeitable tokens described as “a key to unlock your entry into Gary’s world.”

    Amazingly, Gary Vaynerchuck charted each asset himself. According to the mogul, the drawings were inspired by the real-life characteristics of the people he admires most.

    With a strong community and sophisticated design, these digital doodles offer each holder the opportunity to participate in Gary’s annual VeeCon event for three years.

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